A themed exhibition on view at the Museum of Fine Arts in honor of Independence Day tells about the significant date in our country’s contemporary history through the language of metaphors.

A window into the epoch of prosperity and wide-ranging reforms, it opens with Rakhman Umarov’s famous painting “Asudalyk” that features a pair of white swans flying over the pond whose mirror-smooth surface reflects emerald-green poplars. With its delightful soft color palette and poetics of airy brushwork, the painting evokes a sense of harmony, inspiration and determination.

“Chuli” by People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Gennady Babikov, one of the works donated to the Museum from the regions, is being exhibited for the first time after restoration. It depicts a mighty old oak with dense red foliage. Despite the inexorable passage of time, the tree is full of life and energy. Its strong roots convey water and nourishment to young branches growing on the massive trunk… Those who knew Gennady Babikov personally, said that Chuli (presently Gekdere), a naturally blessed corner of Turkmen land, was the artist’s favorite vacation spot.

On show is one of Izzat Klychev’s famous works – “Autumn Song”. The colorful painting vividly illustrates the distinctive style of the People’s Artist of Turkmenistan: so poetic and metaphorical. The original composition lends the painting an atmospheric quality. The subtle nuances, the artist managed to capture while portraying the musicians, deepen an emotional message of the painting, which reflects the Turkmen nation’s spiritual values.

Merdan Kakabaev, a young talented artist from Dashoguz Velayat, presents three poetic landscape paintings glorifying his home region’s nature.

“Seagull” by Nikolay Yuriev leaves the viewer with an impression that it is allegorical. The painting depicts the white bird soaring above an expanse of the brilliant blue Caspian Sea. Its subject matter is rather trivial except for the waves that look like quaint symbols calling up an association with legends about the ancient Khazar’s history…