A new store named Hazar Külke (Hazar Kilka) is a new addition to the capital’s private stores. It is located in the left-handed, rear building of the Garaşsyzlygyň 15 Ýyllygy Shopping Center, more commonly known as the Wholesale Bazaar.

This is the first store owned by entrepreneur Akhmed Saparlyev, who has decided to set up his own business. A small but cozy store offers its customers a broad selection of fresh-frozen, canned, dry cured, smoked, and marinated fish, as well as fish in brine.

Delicious and healthy seafood products are delivered to the store from Turkmen water reservoirs in refrigerated vehicles. Fresh-frozen fish deliveries are organized in cooperation with local private businesses specializing in fishing in natural and man-made reservoirs in Akhal, Lebap, Mary and Balkan velayats.

Canned, semi-preserved, dry cured and smoked fish at Hazar Külke are produced by Hazarbalyk Open Joint Stock Corporation, the city of Turkmenbashi, Balkan velayat. The store also sells fish products produced by Kenar, the capital’s private enterprise located in Abadan etrap. To offer a wider range of products, the enterprises use both domestically caught fish and from abroad.

The store offers a broad selection of products from Turkmen entrepreneurs. On offer are 20 different types of fish, including grass carp, wild carp, pike perch, Caspian roach, silver carp, snakehead, crucian carp, bream, bighead, asp, barbell, sabrefish, carp, etc. Along with that, the store sells cold smoked mackerel; dry cured Caspian roach; Atlantic herring fillet in brine; herring pieces in spicy marinade; fat Atlantic herring, slightly salted; common kilka in oil and spicy brine; herring in marinade, to name but a few. The new store’s shelves are also packed with foreign-made canned fish, such as sardine, humpback salmon, mackerel, tuna, and saury in oil and own juice.

The diverse range of fish products can suit all tastes. By the way, during our visit to the store when we got acquainted with the affable staff, numerous customers praised the good taste and quality of fish products, and excellent service.

If the business develops successfully, entrepreneur Akhmed Saparlyev has plans to open more Hazar Külke stores. It remains to mention that the store is open from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. seven days a week (without break time).

Golden age (turkmenistan.gov.tm)