Production of four new types of the walkway slabs is mastered by the private mini mill manufacturing the glazed tileт, located in Dashoguz city. These articles, which differ in design and form, with the sonorous names «Türkmen göl», «Samarkand», «Korund» and «Şewrolet», are designed for use in the gardening and landscaping, paving of park and garden paths and footpaths. Manufactured, generally, form the domestic natural materials, they are the ecologically friendly product and are distinct in wearing quality and long-life service. Such slabs, with regard to the pushing the pace construction of housing and private trading units, are in high demand today due to their high strength, esthetic features, easy assembly and usability.

The range of products of the private enterprise, being a member of the Unit of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, includes over ten types of articles, including the glazed tiles of different size and color for decoration of the closed buildings, walkway slabs, slabs for decoration of fascades and pedestal of buildings, floor plates, plates for window sills, decorative stair posts and fence and etc. Its capacity is 30 thousand square meters of production per year. A high equipment capability of the mini mill provides the flexibility of engineering process. The enterprise is capable to produce own moulds for slabs formation, and actively responding the consumer needs, change size and design of articles, thereby operatively renewing the production line. Among the novel products of the collective is the anti-slip coating on the staircase.

The private entrepreneurial structures take an active part in the development of the construction branch in Dashoguz velayat. Today the majority of construction of the resident houses, various utilities and socio-cultural facilities fall to their share. Now, using the local and domestic raw resources, they они consistently master production of various building materials.

Relying on the local resources (