A good gift for young spectators was prepared by the troupe of actors of the State Russian Drama Theater named after A.S. Pushkin, headed by the novice director Bayram Garadzhaev. They managed to embody on stage the witty and mischievous oriental fairy tale "Aladdin and the Magic Lamp" based on the play by M.S. Nepryakhin.

The wisest Sultan, of course, knew that all destinies are in heaven, but he got tired of waiting for the favor of the night luminaries and appointed bridegrooms for his daughter Jasmine. Whether heaven intervened in his plans or just by chance, Aladdin glanced at the princess, and she glanced at him, and they both fell in love.

However, for this look, Aladdin was sentenced to death, but again a lucky chance presented him with an old lamp with the almighty Genie languishing in it. Now, with the help of the Genie, the destinies of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine have connected, as the stars wanted.

There is so much music, songs, dances and plastic sketches in the colorful performance that it was even suggested to call it a musical fairy tale. Kerim Ataev - the performer of the role of Aladdin, who has long established himself as an excellent dancer, got the opportunity to fully realize his abilities. However, the choreographer Maya Pursianova attracted almost all the participants in the fairy tale to dancing.

“Aladdin and the Magic Lamp” is a favorite oriental tale of all children on the planet, ”says Bayram Garajayev in an interview with our newspaper,“ so I wanted it to sound loud and bring joy not only to children, but also to adult spectators.

Bayram Garadzhaev is a graduate of the St. Petersburg Institute of Culture. After graduating from the institute, he staged a visiting performance at the Pushkin Theater - the fairy tale "The Magic Boiler" and the New Year's parody performance " Movie! Movie! Movie!". And then he went to fulfill his civic duty - to serve in the army. And after demobilization - again the Pushkin Theater. "Aladdin and the Magic Lamp" is his debut in a stationary production of the play.

“I chose this tale,” he continues the conversation, “because of the oriental theme, the cute protagonist and the adventure genre. Theatrical performance is unwittingly compared to a movie, which has more opportunities to present its material. But with the help of the actors, we have created a worthy alternative. Especially Kerim Ataev and Valery Dmitriev, who played the antihero Jafar, helped me with their professionalism.

To our question about future plans, Bayram Garajayev replied that he has plans for the future, but so far he keeps them secret.

Brave and charming Aladdin entered the stage of the Pushkin Theater (