Today President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has held a regular online working meeting with participation of some deputy-chairmen of the Cabinet, khyakims of regions and Ashgabat city.

Opening the meeting, the leader of the nation first gave the floor to khyakim of Ashgabat city R.Gandymov and Deputy-chairman of the Cabinet Ch. Purchekov.

The khyakim reported on the complex measures taken to further accomplish the central city of the country, preparation for forthcoming international actions and celebration of Day of neutrality of Turkmenistan, maintenance heating systems in an appropriate operational condition taking into account the upcoming winter season.

Then the Deputy-chairman who, along with the state of affairs in the sector he supervises, reported on fulfilment the commissions given earlier by the head of the state, and also on the work carried out now to realise the program goals facing the organisations and enterprises of the sphere of municipal services. Besides it, he informed on preparation for international actions and to celebration of International Day of Neutrality and New Year to be marked in the capital.

The leader of the nation commissioned the khyakim of Ashgabat city and the Deputy-chairman to supervise strictly preparation for organization of international events at high level planned for this week in the capital and also celebration of Day of Neutrality and New Year.

Further, the online working meeting continued with participation of Deputy-chairman of the Cabinet E.Orazgeldiyev who supervises agriculture, and khyakims of regions.

Then, khyakim of Akhal region Ya. Gurbanov reported on the state of affairs in the region, in particular, on measures to increase the pace of seasonal agricultural activities and also exploitation of agricultural machinery, organised harvest of cotton and its uninterrupted delivery to points of reception.

Then, khyakim of Balkan region T.Atahallyev reported on the state of affairs in the western region of the country, in particular, on the organised conduction of seasonal agricultural campaigns.

The digital meeting continued with the report of khyakim of Dashoguz region N.Nazarmyradov who informed on the final stage of activities carried out in cotton fields. As he marked, for effective use of combine harvesters and machinery all measures were taken for transportation of cotton grown by assiduous work of agriculturists in full volume and lost-free and also adjustment of uninterrupted functioning of the processing enterprises.

Then, khyakim of Lebap region Sh.Amangeldiev reported on the state of affairs in the region, in particular, on an accelerated pace of cotton harvest and according to agro-technical standards, maintenance of due care of shoots of winter wheat with a view of obtaining of future rich yield.

Further, khyakim of Mary region D.Annaberdiev reported on the course of seasonal agricultural work, including an effective utilisation of combine harvesters to gather cotton lost-free, machinery for its transportation, appropriate functioning of ginneries, conduction of proper care of winter wheat, including vegetative watering and uninterrupted use of agricultural machinery in wheat fields in accordance with the established agro-technical standards.

The khyakim informed on preparation for worthy celebration of Day of Neutrality of Turkmenistan and the new year in the region.

Then, at the digital working meeting, Deputy-chairman of the Cabinet E.Orazgeldiyev reported on the course of seasonal agricultural work carried out in the country.

The Deputy-chairman reported that now in regions the harvest of cotton to the last box is in full swing. For the current period by the country 1 million 262 thousand 574 tons of cotton have been produced and the target production plan has been fulfilled by 101, 01 per cent. Thanks to the possibilities created in regions, these days settlement of accounts with cotton growers for the crop is also carried out.

Having taken an interest in the fulfilment course of planned activities according to the Program of the President on socio-economic development of the country for 2019-2025 and the National rural redevelopment program in regions, the leader of the nation assigned him to take all measures for their timely and proper realisation.

Moreover, having drawn the attention to fully and timely settlement of accounts with peasants for the reaped crop, the leader of the nation gave the Deputy-chairman and khyakims a number of commissions.

Pointing out to the necessity of preparation for celebration of International Day of Neutrality and New Year at high level, the President of Turkmenistan also gave instructions to corresponding authorities.

Concluding the working meeting, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished its participants great successes in their work for the benefit of further prosperity of our Fatherland and maintenance of wellbeing of our people.

The President of Turkmenistan held an online working meeting