Along with all sectors of the national economy of the country, the textile industry is experiencing significant development today. One of the leading enterprises in this sector is a sewing factory in Bereket city, Balkan velayat.

Dozens of seamstresses craftswomen work here. In 2021, with their hard work, they have achieved productive results and managed to successfully sum up last year. More precisely, during the period in question, the seamstresses produced products on amount of 16 million 310 thousand manats instead of 12 million 961 thousand manats. This means that 125 percent of the annual plan has been implemented.

By the way, it is worth noting that the fabric, which is the raw material of the sewing factory, is produced in our own country. The annual production of fabric required for production is 1,140 tons. by The different sewing products, manufactured by the skilled seamstresses in the enterprise on the state-of-the-art equipment, are distinguished by high quality.

Even today, hard-working seamstresses work on the orders of the social and industrial enterprises, public organizations, and private enterprises, regularly supplying customers with sewing products.

The production of goods increases (