Rice harvest campaign has started in Lebap Velayat. 10,000 hectares have been allocated this year for agricultural crop, from which more than 47,000 tons of rice are planned to be produced.

Nukus 2 rice, which has well recommended itself in local soil and climate conditions, distinguished with high productivity, resistance to illness as well as excellent taste, is cultivated in the east of the country. Integrated measures have been developed for coordinated work of all links of rice harvest campaign to make it in quality manner, timely and without losses.

Biggest rice fields are located in Charjew, Kerky and Khalach etraps of the region. High productive Jon Deere and Claas harvesters and other specialized equipment are used in collection of rice.

Taking into consideration soil and climate conditions of Turkmenistan, moisture-loving rice is grown in two velayats – Dashoguz and Lebap. The sowing starts in the end of April in the southeast and in June in the southeast on the lands released from the winter crops. Harvesting ends up by the middle of November.