Turkmen Senet Business Entity has increased production of synthetic non-weaven material of new generation – the spunbond. The plant, which was built by entrepreneurs in industrial area of Akbugday District, has already produced more than 3,000 tons of special fabrics, which is made of fiber polymers, in particular from polypropylene made at Kiyanly Polymeric Plant. Different fabrics of various density and color, which replace expensive textile and have better strength, flexibility, wearing and breathing capabilities, is made from polymeric materials at the factory.

The business entity has opened shop of non-weaven fabrics production in Gutly residential estate. The shop sells the production of sewing workshop opened at the factory.

Covers, bags, table coths, aprons, women and children hygienic products are made in the workshop from new material. The spunbond is bought by furniture manufacturers, who use the fabrcis as a divider between upholstery and filler. In normal dress, it is used as padding material making details of cloth more rigid and allowing them keeping the shape and not stretching.

Automatic production line installed in the workshop makes around 300,000 eco-friendly bags per month for packing of various goods and products. These itesm, which are made 100% from synthetic fiber connected without glue, successfully replace plastic bags. They are eco-friendly and do not emit dangerous substances even under high temperature.

Entrepreneurs plan to provide transport cluster of the country with their production – the headrests for chairs. Today, the production capacity of the facility allows making 36 million disposable items per year. Having increased the production capacity of the facility buy procurement of another production unit, the businessmen would expand the variety of production, in particular by production of disposable bedding.

Saglyk Enterprise of the Ministry of Health Protection and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan is the main consumer of new production. The Ministry has arranged the production of disposable medical coats, face masks, shoe covers, surgical sets from the spunbond. The entrepreneurs have already exported new fabrics to Turkey, China and Russian Federation.

Valdimir KOMAROV

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