Dashoguz velayat stores up wheat seed grain. By now, Dashoguz Velayat grain growers have stored up about 13,000 tons of seed grain. Ten specialized points of the velayat selected the most suitable for local soil and climatic conditions, high-yielding varieties, which are resistant to shedding and disease, such as Sahrai, Juvan, Batko among others, as seed grain. New large elevators in S. Turkmenbashi etrap and Boldumsaz etrap, which are designed for simultaneous storage and mill of 50,000 tons of grain, are also actively involved in the process. Each of them has a special department, where the entire technological process for the preparation of seed grain takes place in strict observance with the necessary sanitary regime. Grain is selected, cleaned and processed in automatic mode by special equipment. Then, after appropriate quality analyzes, it is packed in polypropylene bags and sent to spacious barns for storage. 

The Dashoguz velayat ranks among the largest grain producers in the country, yielding rich harvests of wheat every year. As a result of government investment, which contributes to the consistent increase of production capacities in the region, a full agrotechnical cycle has been created in the region, including the procurement of seed material, sowing, harvesting, storage and processing of grain.

Batyr Uraev

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