The water sources of the protected area of northern Turkmenistan remain a favorite resting place for migratory birds. The employees of the Kaplangyr State Nature Reserve, who have been on a regular working trip to local lakes, were once again convinced of this. This time, they were pleased with the noticeable increase in the number of birds from the Red Book that flew to the lakes of Sarykamysh, Zengi-baba and the water surfaces of the new man-made Turkmen lake “Altyn Asyr”. Among them is a rare duck with a very beautiful and unusual appearance - white-eyed duck, pink flamingos, curly and pink pelicans, and others.

In addition to warm weather and the fact that water sources are located on the flyway of migratory birds, they are apparently attracted here by rich forage lands, and, of course, the safe conditions provided for them by employees of a state institution for temporary stay.

The avifauna of the Kaplangyr State Reserve has many species of waterbirds and birds of prey. In recent years, even rare guests for these places, such as the griffon vulture and the burial eagle, have been noticed here among the migratory birds. This means that the work on biodiversity conservation, which is purposefully carried out by the staff of the reserve, including environmental protection, consistent monitoring of the state of local aquatic biological resources, rich flora and fauna, gives good results.

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