The private sector is actively involved in the agrarian branch in the north of Turkmenistan. Including thanks to the crated in the region special agricultural land fund, plots of which are allotted in the established order to the private producers for growing wheat, cotton and other crops, which are included in the government order. It is noteworthy that the majority of them is located in the youngest virgin etrap Ruhubelent, which is gradually becoming one of the major producers in the region of various types of crops. Here, in recent years, over 61,100 hectares of fertile land have been allocated to the producers for use for up to 99 years, under the conditions of growing at least on 70 percent of arable land of agricultural crops included in the government order. At the same time, on the remaining part of the land, for scientifically based crop rotation, they plant other crops. Hundreds of individuals and legal entities received from the fund land plots for long-term use in the etraps of S. Turkmenbashi and named after Gurbansoltan-eje, in other parts of the region.

In general, in Dashoguz velayat, thanks to the fund, a significant part of agricultural land has already been allocated to legal entities and citizens for long-term use. In addition to the main task of contributing to the saturation of the consumer market with a variety of food products, special agricultural land fund today makes a significant contribution to the development of small and medium-sized private businesses in the agricultural sector, cause the creation of modern agricultural production and new jobs. This form of all-round encouragement by the government of entrepreneurial activity in Dashoguz velayat is already noticeably reflected in the consistent increase in the role of the private sector in the production of wheat, cotton, potatoes, as well as vegetables and melons, grapes and fruit trees.

Lands for private producers (